Our Mission

Defynt is here to disrupt skincare. We were tired of airbrushed campaigns with models and products filled with harmful chemicals. We have seen the incredible results from incorporating CBD into our skincare routines and are ready to share it with the rest of the world.

Our Journey

As Kush Queen, we became a leading luxury cannabis brand renowned for quality, innovation with our cannabis wellness and lifestyle products.  Our passion and experience in cannabis lead us to develop advanced CBD skincare.

Our Commitment 

DEFYNT skincare products are vegan, paraben and phthlate free, made with certified organic ingredients, and are not tested on animals. Our full spectrum CBD is lab tested and is powered by Amplifi™ nanotechnology, a process that creates CBD molecules as small as 25nm in size, which is 2,000 times smaller than pores. This unique technology allows for a more advanced formulation where the CBD can penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the active healing effects of the oil by up to 20 times.